Gary and I moved just around the point to 9 B273 Francis Island from Woods Bay Lodge (481 Georgian Bay), where we had been since 2002. Selling “the lodge” was literally one of the hardest  decisions we’ve made in recent years, but it was time for us. Our family has grown and Gary and I were ready to go back to cottaging (not  running a cottage rental business).

The property on Francis Island property was just perfect for us. We  bought it from Cathy and Steven Sutton on May 30, 2018. Of interest is that they initially did not want to sell it to us.  Knowing that we are Realtors, they thought that we were buying it to flip it/resell it. This was not the case at all. In response to the Sutton’s concerns, Gary and I wrote the Sutton’s a very heartfelt letter explaining where we  were in our life journey, and why it was so important for us to stay in the area where we have built  such deep connections individually and as a family. We shared stories of our involvement in the community, how our youngest daughter Nicole had grown up here and had subsequently met her now husband Robert Kennedy (son of Lynn and John Kennedy – Island B2, Moon Bay), and how we dearly wanted to stay in the area. 

Once receiving the letter and hearing our hearts, the Suttons agreed to sell us their property. Although not a common practice in the selling  of real estate, we totally understood why they wanted to make sure their precious property was  being sold to someone who would love it like they had for so many years (40+). And, we do!