Compiled by Barbara Sargeant

In the early days if so inclined, the cottagers went to the local Catholic Church which was first held in the old school. Dennis Flynn paid to boat the priest in and he stayed with Dennis and they would imbibe together. Then in the 30s a church was built across from Francis Island (Isl. B74) for religious services on Sunday.

The church was run by the Jesuits who would fly Father Bean and later Father Hart  in on Sunday (if he came earlier he would stay with Jack Dion and Elma May). The services were of the hell and brimstone variety. The priest was definitely not in favour of the Catholic parishioners cuddling with the Protestants. After the service they would have baseball games. Ella Mae Dion was a one woman altar guild keeping the linens washed and ironed for each service. Martha and Evelyn Dion played guitars for the hymns and Aime Dion was the altar boy. The church was eventually decommissioned and sold to the Dions. Eventually it was converted into a modern cottage. If the cottagers didn’t want a Catholic service they could go into Mactier which had a church for almost every persuasion imaginable. The church property is now owned by Reg. and Ann McGuire.